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Quality is described as a “Degree of Excellence to satisfy the consumer needs.” Our qualified staff is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction through timely, reliable product supply. Its thought process incorporates innovation, strategic planning, customer orientation, and the use of cutting-edge technologies.  

Our USP is our processing & product formulation. All nut-based products are roasted only (no frying!). We don’t use any artificial colours or additives for flavours (only use natural ingredients and spices).  

The government and the business devote a sizeable amount of time and resources to peanut research to generate a high-quality food product because of the emphasis on producing edible peanuts. The research focuses on seed breeding for increased yields, improved quality, lower or no aflatoxin levels, more excellent flavour and shelf life, increased disease resistance, and less allergic reaction.  

Our main priorities are strict quality control, ongoing GMP implementation, and food safety, all of which are governed by BRC, HALAL, FDA, and FSSAI. Our internal laboratory is outfitted with the most up-to-date technical equipment for testing Aflatoxin, Salmonella, and numerous other parameters for each batch. Our laboratory conducts ongoing R&D to raise the standard.  

Aarneea Foods strives to produce items that are the best for its clients while maintaining the highest standards of product quality. We attempt to explore and reinvent ourselves continually. We support and adhere to sustainable methods for producing our products. We take pride in recognising and giving our customers’ satisfaction a top priority.