About Us

“The only thing that adds to a great diet is good health”

Aarneea is born of curiosity, experimentation, and a firm desire to make good food. At the time, the founders were keeping in mind the idea of what a healthy diet could be. But with time and knowledge came the right ingredients in the mix.

Since the selection of the best Peanut has always been a neighborhood of culture, Aarneea ensured that this culture grows from its original kitchen to the desk. Aarneea no people are on a healthy diet to bring every jar spread in life.

Understanding the role of healthy food in connecting people and families, Aarneea envisions ‘the happy and good health of one household at a time’ as its goal. To make this vision fruitful, Aarneea features a large selection of products to cater to a diverse interest.

Just as each jar of spread is full of peanut and natural ingredients, Aarneea is healthy and great food. Which can be a good life. There may also be some time for each busy person to believe what is coming into their body throughout the day. There is a firm belief that people should be restless when they are eating, Aarneea raises at least one and everyone a spoon bent by the deity.

Aarneea Foods LLP is a BRC standard (British Retail Council) ‘A grade’ certified and US FDA-approved peanut processing company. It was established on our founder’s desire to cook and provide healthy food to his family and other families facing nutritional challenges in a traditional dairy-based diet. The main inspiration for starting a peanut processing business in Aarneea Foods is the presence of our farms, cultivating groundnuts and potatoes in different seasons in the northern parts of Gujarat, India. Our peanuts have a higher content of protein, good calories, and heart-healthy fats. The quality team at Aarneea Foods takes excellent care to ensure that all our products meet international certifications and standards. We offer your food the taste, texture and safety it deserves. Aarneea Foods is an innovative plant-based food with a focus on producing high-quality peanut products that meet international standards. We are committed to sustainable growth and continuous improvement. Providing you with the best products at the most moderate price is something we consider to be our duty.  

The Aarneea Foods team is dedicated to making classic peanut butter spreads, health-conscious decisions, and crave-worthy combinations that will make individuals and families feel at ease, empowered, and happy. We also think localities and communities should strive to be the best they can be. Since selecting the best Peanut has always been a neighbourhood of culture, Aarneea guaranteed that this culture grows from its original kitchen to the desk. To bring every jar of spread in life, Aarneea no people follow a nutritious diet.  

This entails offering the tastiest peanut butter on the earth and conducting business ethically, sustainably, and charitably – respecting the environment, treating farmers fairly, and providing assistance to those in need.  

There is a firm belief that people should be restless when they are eating; Aarneea raises at least one and everyone a spoon bent by the deity.  


We already rank among India’s top manufacturers of peanut butter products that are healthful. Customers adore us because of our quality, reliability, and freshness. In the future, we hope to establish Aarneea in partnership with a well-known company that sells wholesome goods to large Indian families. We simply wish to offer healthy products with pure and honest ingredients.


In the vast majority of Indian houses, women are responsible for maintaining cleanliness, caring for every tiny detail, and keeping everything in working order. No one, in our opinion, is better at their profession than women. Aarneea has 44% women working in a variety of positions, including order processing, internal production control, one day of factory base cleaning, etc. One must pay fine attention to even the most minor things when performing. We want to give women the most power possible. We want to create as much work as possible. 


FHA Singapore 5th to 8th September 2022

Foodex Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 13th to 16th September 2022

Private Label Expo Dubai 8th to 10th November 2022